Fun to work with.

     Kid-wise and kid-friendly.

Connected to current events.

    Business-savvy and results-driven.

Passionate about effective solutions and

client success.

     An innovative problem solver.

More affordable than owning a theme park populated by anthropomorphic animals.

     Ready to make you and your projects look good.

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     Go ahead…it’ll be fun. After all, when’s the last time you got to work with a guy who started out as clown?


“Nathan is amazing! Whenever the job called for conceptual brilliance, we called on Nathan, who always delivered stunning artwork with style and panache—he was by far HMH’s art buyers’ and managers’ favorite choice—(my apologies to the many fine & fabulous national and international illustrators out there).

Nathan’s eye, hand and most importantly his brain are like none other…fun, fast, creative and a super guy—that’s Nathan! A joy and dreamboat to work with. And, I didn’t even mention his turnaround speed—minutes after consulting, it would be delivered! No hemming or hawing. And his palette?? The best around. Clone this guy, would ya?????”

—Susan Harris / Former AD/Executive Manager Art & Photography Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

“As Senior Image Editor for Oxford University Press, I am always seeking top-notch talent and results. Nathan Jarvis is always spot on!  When I have a huge project and I need the ‘best’ — I know Nathan will pull me through and produce incredible art! He has enhanced so many of Oxford’s products with his beautiful work. 

His magnetic, fun-filled, color-rich illustrations are what keep me coming back!!!

He is a wonderful designer who can translate a seemingly impossible art spec into a wonderful piece of art.

Nathan has a great work ethic and he always meets our deadlines.

He’s a great guy to work with! 

Nathan Jarvis is my ‘rock’, my ‘hero’ in the vast sea of illustrators!”

—Fran Newman

“As the Director of Image Management for Silver Editions,

a publishing Design house and full Service Packager, I needed art fast and furious in large quantity. Nathan Jarvis, my super hero illustrator extraordinaire has saved the day a trillion times. He is reliable, detail oriented, and above all great to work with. His work is fun, colorful, and refreshing! He is a great problem solver, when he isn't provided with the best information and always, always makes the deadline.

Nathan is the go-to guy!”

—Jodie Hein

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